Reserve Secure Storage Box & Enjoy Tension-Free Life


Are you worried about your valuable assets? We offer matchless Secure Storage facility for customers. We have designed safe deposit boxes as well as Bullion safes to keep important and large items. Within a short span of time, we have gained unblemished status and have become the first choice of Ireland customers.

There are small and large Secure Storage boxes to save your expensive jewelry or cash. Safe deposit boxes have four sizes whereas Bullion safes have three types of lockers. Six digit codes are used for Bullion safes which are modified by the customers. All boxes have an internal locking system for the fortification of assets. The two keys and pin code are provided on individual basis. It is noteworthy that we do not carry the master key and give the whole sole authority to our clients. It is our primary objective to give privacy features while accessing the storage box. Different types of benches are placed within the vault as well as camera free private room to check your private possessions.

How Security is Granted?

Secure Storage is possible when latest equipment is used to guard the deposit boxes. As soon as you are in the parking area, our security features will give you complete protection. Our dear customers enjoy risk free parking and defending technologies inside the vault area. Hand scanning, photo recognition, pin code and the use of specific keys are some of the basic ways to get access to your precious property. Whenever a client enters in the vault, complete security is given through:

  • Motion sensor
  • Vibration sensor
  • Infrared sensor
  • Video monitoring for 24/7
  • Security company 7 days a week job

We are the seller of gold, silver and different currencies. Gold coins and gold bars can be purchased by using credit cards, cheque or debit card. We offer competitive rates as well as instant collection offer is given to new clients. You can store non-bullion objects in the boxes. The safety deposit boxes are the dependable for Secure Storage because special material is used to manufacture these boxes. These boxes are heat resistant, thus the documents, jewelry and currency can’t get damage in case of fire. The clients are welcomed in opening hours for as many visits as they like. There is no need to make an appointment before checking your security deposit box.

Secure Storage can save your investment from the danger of robbery, flames or any mishap. We offer convenient ways to make the payment. You can hire a box for short term or long time period according to your necessity. We are present to serve our customers online as well. If you have any query or doubt, feel free and discuss your issues with us.